NSE is a South-African based leading full-service renewable energy provider for distributed energy projects throughout Africa.
We offer a full turnkey service in the assessment, design, supply, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects to the public and private sector, offering impartial energy advice.


“We know how to plan and efficiently build reliable energy systems. Project feasibility is assessed using careful evaluation criteria taking various technical, financial, operational and administrative factors into account. We accurately project both expenses and ROI to minimize risk and uncertainty for both our customers and ourselves.”                                                      

Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC)

“We believe in designing systems that are not only practical but also provide best return on investment. Our turnkey service allows us to identify the specific design needs, goals and performance expectations of your system allowing seamless integration through construction phase and ongoing site management. Our design methodology adheres to the highest quality standards ”

Operating and Maintenance (O&M)

“We understand what it takes to effectively operate, maintain and manage an energy system to ensure it keeps performing at optimal levels. From remote monitoring to onsite checks we work closely with maintenance staff to ensure your energy asset is performing to expectation. ”

Energy Investments

We maintain our own energy fund for financing energy projects.  We can not only assist with equity finance for large scale projects but can also provide finance for smaller projects where you can reap the benefits without the upfront costs or ongoing maintenance headache.

Some Interesting Facts

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