Commercial: Off-Grid

For remote sites with little to no grid access, off grid solutions are applicable. These sites usually run off diesel generators with operational costs that can be as high as $0.5/kwh. Our hybrid solutions will convert your site to run predominantly off renewable energy saving large amounts of diesel. Through the combination of an alternative energy supply (usually solar or wind), a utility scale battery bank/s and smart grid and generator management, we can reduce diesel dependence by up to 80% (100% is possible however feasibility can be challenging). Careful planning and assessment needs to be conducted for projects of this nature. NSE has implemented some of the largest off-grid projects in Africa and is well positioned to provide you with the best possible off-grid solution.

Typical Sites Key Benefits
Lodges Diesel & environmental saving
Mines Reduced operating & maintenance
Remote Islands Stand-alone systems
Rural Areas Speedy roll-out (compared to grid access)