Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Our team of in house engineers specify every element of your generation system from modules and inverters to nuts and bolts and identifying upfront risks. We analyze site data and design your system using sophisticated design software. This system not only pulls data for your site but also uses existing projects and several national resource centers in order to account for weather patterns, local climates, shading, pollutants and other factors that can affect your installation’s energy production.



Design Methodology

Our team will design your system based on a key set of principles to ensure the best possible solution is proposed for your investment. These principles are as follows:

  • Sound Concept & Technology –We will develop a design concept that delivers the lowest lifetime cost of energy. This concept will be customized for your site, climate, and energy costs. The concept will include the selection of technology, structural support, mechanical elements, and electrical interconnection.
  • Quality & Reliability – Every design we produce undergoes a rigorous multi-step review process in order to meet our acceptable engineering quality standards.
  • Value Engineering – We take a holistic approach to system design and keep your entire construction project in mind to mitigate construction risks. We save you money by working with your team early on.
  • Client Needs – We apply our expertise to adapt to your concerns-whether they’re aesthetics, economic or risk related with your ultimate goal in mind.


We evaluate the full range of technology and product options. With no agendas or incentives to push one product over another, we can evaluate the best technologies and only use proven products that are backed by solid balance sheets and comprehensive quality controls. Some of the factors our technical team constantly evaluate are:

  • Efficiency -How much energy will the technology produce.
  • Price –What is the lifetime cost per kWh (levelised cost of energy)
  • Field track record –Has this technology been used in the field and how has it performed.
  • Warranty terms –How long is this technology under manufacturer warranty and what are the exceptions to the warranty. How does the supplier define defective.
  • Supplier balance sheet –How stable is the company guaranteeing this technology.
  • Manufacturing tolerances –What’s the range of efficiency we can expect from this technology.
  • Site compatibility –Are there any limitations to where this technology can be used. Is it better to use in a specific climate or with a specific type of mount.


We provide on-site construction management and quality control. Our team is committed to excellence in every aspect of the construction phase.

Our project managers and site superintendents take a collaborative approach to our installations and continuously communicate regarding your construction needs, goals, and deadlines to avoid change orders and surprises. Our superior installation and construction approach is simple.

  • Collaboration –Through regularly scheduled meetings with our customers and contractors; together we make sure everyone is working to support each other’s goals from day one.
  • Maintain control –Our site superintendents maintain control by monitoring safety and ensuring quality workmanship while reducing our impact on your operations.
  • Hire the best – We work exclusively with experienced electrical and general contractors with long track records of success on commercial-scale projects.