Our Company

New Southern Energy (N.S.E) is an African company based in South Africa. We offer a full turnkey service in the assessment, design, supply, financing, implementation and ongoing maintenance of renewable energy projects to the public and private sector. With extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, our team has the technical and professional skills required to implement projects throughout Africa. From the original consultation to financing services, our team strives to offer the full spectrum of services and skills that are required to implement successful energy projects.

Our Mission

At NSE, we believe renewable energy is a key resource in providing power to the continent. Considering only a nominal percentage of the Africa’s population has access to power, we believe our solutions can make a meaningful impact to improve the lives of millions of people across the continent. Our mission is to do just that.

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve some of Africa’s most complex energy problems through accelerating the adoption of renewable energy through a distributed energy approach. Our team is committed in every aspect of achieving this.

Benefits of NSE

Proven track record

NSE has a proven track record and has been involved in some of the largest projects on the continent. We have installed multiple power systems throughout Africa and understand the unique challenges of projects in various locations.

Easy, efficient process

We provide an end to end service with a single point of contact. This not only means you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors, plans, and schedules but it also provide peace of mind once the system is operational. We manage every aspect of your project so you have complete visibility into the process from beginning to end.

Lower costs

We’re not locked into any particular technology or vendor. We find the optimal solution for your needs, and then leverage the full buying power of our company to negotiate the best deal. Our dedicated resources group continually evaluates technologies, operating procedures, and policies so we can deliver maximum performance at an affordable price.

Integrated solar financing

With the option of Solar Financing, NSE will take care of installation and maintenance, the business will only pay a fee based on the amount of electricity used during the month. The benefit of this service is that you get the positives of Renewable Energy without the initial cost.