NSE ‘paints’ the mall@reds roof blue with solar panels

NSE completed installation of a large grid-tied PV solar plant on the mall@reds roof in Centurion, Pretoria. This renewable energy plant makes use of the best quality PV panels, inverter and mounting structure available. The client achieves a payback period of 5 to 6 years and a project IRR in excess of 20% over the … Read more

Renewables worldwide and your business

The current state of affairs: Renewables worldwide and your business More money was spent on renewables in 2015 than any year before; the technology is being enhanced, cost of production coming down and public awareness of the value increasing. That said there are still many challenges, possibly the one that tops the list is storage. … Read more

Impacts of Sustainable Energy in Africa

Sustainable energy refers to energy obtained from non-exhaustive sources, such as wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and solar. Each source of energy has unique benefits and costs, but the benefits of sustainable sources far outnumber the loss. Access to clean and modern energy has always been a major problem facing the African continent. Over 80% of … Read more

Why Wind Energy Outshines other Alternative Fuels

Wind has a definite advantage over many other types of energy – abundance. Renewable, unlike fossil fuels, they will guarantee our future generations that their source of power will never be threatened, become sparse or disappear. The era of gas shortages and the unstable fossil fuel prices will not soon be forgotten but with wind … Read more

COP21: Paris conference could be a climate turning point, says Obama

There are dreadful floods at some parts of the world, yet no rain at other parts. Our stable climate has been disrupted and will continue being more extreme if we don’t do anything about it. Cop21 is an important date where a global emission reduction strategy will be agreed between all major countries. Negotiators by … Read more

Solar powered refrigeration – the solution to poverty eradication in Africa

Solar refrigeration is one of the many successes of solar energy, particularly in Africa. It is one of the ancient and widespread applications for solar energy. Solar refrigeration is a powered refrigerator that makes direct use of the sun. The solar powered refrigerator can keep fresh products such as meat and dairy in places of … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panels

Effects of Shading and Considerations before Installing Them A number of the people have the misconception that solar panels don’t work properly unless they’re under direct sunshine. They assume that they don’t work at all under shade. The fact is that it is not completely true. Modern solar panels can efficiently work well in poor … Read more

Benefits of a solar PV with a battery pack

  There are several factors involved when a PV system comes with an additional battery pack. Firstly, the batteries are an additional component to the solar power system. This means there will be extra cost and complexity for installing it. The increase in costs arise from the purchase of the battery pack, special battery-inverters, installing … Read more

Solar energy the cure to load shedding

South Africa is in an electricity crisis, fossil fuels are demanding a lot from the environment and the cure for load shedding is renewable and sustainable energy. Realistically, our country is in a bad state when it comes to dealing with load shedding. As a result, fossil fuels are polluting the environment, they’re a cause … Read more