Enter a New Eskom-Free Era

Enter a New Eskom-Free Era In light of recently re-introduced load shedding in Cape Town, many in both the private and the public sector are discussing the crumbling infrastructure at Eskom. Considering the extent of Eskom’s problems, even the Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry is now saying that businesses need to make an urgent … Read more

Solar Africa

Top 5 Safety Practices When Installing Solar

Recently on site at a new installation in Gauteng, we had to install a safety line to avoid the risk of falling from the edge while working. Unfortunately, the 136kWp grid-tied installation at Romans Pizza Head Office in Centurion is not the only site where we have had to overcome potential safety hazards. Solar safety … Read more

5 Myths on renewable energy

Renewable energy is made up of, wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. Myths about these sources of energy influence our understanding and perceptions around how well they actually work. Five popular myths around these energy sources are constantly arising. 1. Renewable Energy is heavy in your pocket. When it comes to paying for renewable … Read more