Solar Energy Solutions for Public Transport

A typical passenger vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon emission a year. However, every emission footprint is different according to the size of …

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How Solar Power is Bringing Food Security to Africa

Solar power has the ability to transform the world’s energy supply More countries around the world are constructing solar farms as it’s extremely cost effective. …

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The Need for Sustainability in Schools

Sustainability in schools can do more than simply provide lighting to dark classrooms. The term sustainability means to maintain an ecological balance by avoiding the …

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Sustainable agriculture: The Value of impact Investment

Aiding Sustainability in Farming and Communities An investment is an action or process of investing money in a specific company, funding or organisation in order …

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Sustainable Energy: Adapt to Change or Risk Losing Money

“Asset owners should consider climate change at every stage of the investment process, from investment beliefs, policy and process to portfolio construction decisions,” said Deb …

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Carbon Tax to Improve South Africa’s Economy

Carbon Tax in South Africa Economy “The Minerals Council would like to see a delay of at least five years in the implementation of the …

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