How to save money on electricity in winter in South Africa

Tips to save money on electricity In June to August, South Africa reaches its coldest temperature. Although snow rarely falls down, South Africa has freezing …

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The Future of our Planet Begins now

The world is changing, we all know this and it terrifies some and underwhelms others. The biggest thing that has to change is the way …

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Solar Panel Roads

When we think of the future most of us have started to think negatively about the planet and what humankind is doing to our home, …

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Robben Island prepares for solar power

South Africa’s tourism is about to change, as Robben Island is preparing to shift from diesel generated electricity to solar produced power, in the course …

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China, Japan and South Africa, the new renewable energy hotspots

With the rise of renewable energy three countries have stood out as renewable energy hotspots. Republic of China China has connected over 5GW of solar …

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Floating Solar Farms

What is a floating solar farm? A floating solar farm is a giant solar panel floating over water such as large lakes, dams and rivers. …

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