Benefits of Solar Energy

The overall increase in energy costs has led many to find alternative fuel sources. With Many options, nowadays such as wind, hydropower and solar, the …

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Solar Africa

Top 5 Safety Practices When Installing Solar

Recently on site at a new installation in Gauteng, we had to install a safety line to avoid the risk of falling from the edge …

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Solar panel cleaning

5 Reason Why It is Important to Have Your Panels Professionally Cleaned

The performance of solar plants will be compromised when dirty. A dirty panel, depending on the amount of dirt, will produce 10% less than a …

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Green Design

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in Building

Energy conservation by way of energy efficiency in the building industry has become a top focus for business owners & investors all over the world. …

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Sustainable Solar Energy Production

Sustainable energy is defined as energy that can be continuously restored without causing negative environmental, or health effects. This energy creation is harmless to the …

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Impacts of Sustainable Energy in Africa

Sustainable energy refers to energy obtained from non-exhaustive sources, such as wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and solar. Each source of energy has unique benefits and …

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