Camping Solar Panels are increasing in popularity

Camping solar panels are becoming more and more popular South Africans enjoy spending time outside and being in nature. It is no wonder because it …

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Wind and Solar Energy: 2 Alternative Energy Sources in South Africa

The earth has been providing us with alternative energy sources since the beginning of time. These sources could provide the answers to many of the …

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Cheap Solar Panels — Is it Worth the Risk?

Cheap solar panels are not as durable Buying solar panel energy is an effective way to save on electricity bills and to protect the environment …

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Solar Energy Solutions for Public Transport

A typical passenger vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of carbon emission a year. However, every emission footprint is different according to the size of …

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How Solar Power is Bringing Food Security to Africa

Solar power has the ability to transform the world’s energy supply More countries around the world are constructing solar farms as it’s extremely cost effective. …

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The Need for Sustainability in Schools

Sustainability in schools can do more than simply provide lighting to dark classrooms. The term sustainability means to maintain an ecological balance by avoiding the …

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