5 Advantages of renewable energy and how it can positively change your lifestyle

Renewable Energy is rapidly changing the way we live our day to day lives and more and more people are making the move to a …

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What is the definition of Renewable or Clean Energy?

The word ‘renewable’ means capable of being renewed and replenished. When referred to energy, it means energy that comes from a source which cannot be …

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What is a Renewable Energy Resource

Renewable Energy Sources In our every day lives, we are constantly using energy, usually gained from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are things such as coal, …

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Why is Solar Energy important and where did it begin?

Solar Energy has many benefits to people and the environment Solar energy is not a new phenomenon and has been around since the early 1800’s. …

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Five reasons why you should be living off the grid

What does it mean to live off the grid? One might think that this means you live in a secluded place, far from civilization and …

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Carbon Tax Bill: How it has a positive effect

Carbon Tax Bill is a benefit for all of South Africans 1 June 2019 saw the Carbon Tax Bill be officially implemented in South Africa. …

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