Op-Ed: How the Proposed Unbundling Plan & Fiscal Support is Key to Saving the Economy

The Budget Speech & Debate of National Importance As South Africans navigated their way through stage four load shedding last week, news of Eskom’s imminent …

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Renewable Energy to Save Mining and Improve GDP

Africa Mining Indaba The African Mining Indaba, occurring this week, is the world’s largest mining investment conference, dedicated to the capitalisation and development of mining in …

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Benefits of Solar Energy

The overall increase in energy costs has led many to find alternative fuel sources. With Many options, nowadays such as wind, hydropower and solar, the …

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PV Solar Thin Film vs. Polycrystalline

The different types of solar panels and their distinctive features Choosing which solar panel to install depends on the individual need and suitability factors. Most …

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Solar Africa

Top 5 Safety Practices When Installing Solar

Recently on site at a new installation in Gauteng, we had to install a safety line to avoid the risk of falling from the edge …

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Solar panel cleaning

5 Reason Why It is Important to Have Your Panels Professionally Cleaned

The performance of solar plants will be compromised when dirty. A dirty panel, depending on the amount of dirt, will produce 10% less than a …

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