Why Go Solar- Top 9 Reasons

Never before have so many benefits been associated to ‘Going Solar’ Here are the New Southern Energy top picks for you to consider. #1  Completely …

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5 Myths on renewable energy

Renewable energy is made up of, wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. Myths about these sources of energy influence our understanding and perceptions around …

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Cheap solar and wind prices can boost Africa’s GDP

The IMF is cutting their growth forecast for Africa and this will affect future GDP drastically. The challenges the continent faces of low commodity prices, …

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PV solar thin film vs. Polycrystalline

The different types of solar panels and their distinctive features Choosing which solar panel to install depends on the individual need and suitability factors. Most …

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A New World Record

A new World record has been set:   According to the 10th Global trends in renewable Energy Investments 2016 by UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) …

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NSE ‘paints’ the mall@reds roof blue with solar panels

NSE completed installation of a large grid-tied PV solar plant on the mall@reds roof in Centurion, Pretoria. This renewable energy plant makes use of the …

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