Five reasons why you should be living off the grid

What does it mean to live off the grid? One might think that this means you live in a secluded place, far from civilization and …

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Carbon Tax Bill: How it has a positive effect

Carbon Tax Bill is a benefit for all of South Africans 1 June 2019 saw the Carbon Tax Bill be officially implemented in South Africa. …

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3 Reasons why Farms should convert to Alternative Energy

Using alternative energy sources, farms can become more self sufficient The combination between farming and alternative energy is win-win. Wind, solar, and biomass energy and …

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Solar Farms and Floating Solar Farms

Solar Farms vs Floating Solar Farms Solar Farms are definitely not uncommon but with a ground breaking state of the art floating Solar farm, renewable …

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What is a Solar Farm and how does it operate?

What is a Solar Farm? With the rapid growth in the solar powered industry, solar farms are becoming increasingly popular. A Solar Farm is essentially …

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Hilton Cape Town City Centre reduces CO2 footprint with Solarus solar system

SOUTH AFRICA, CAPE TOWN, 31 May 2019 Hilton Cape Town City Centre is proud to announce that the newly installed Solarus solar system on the …

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