Solar Africa

Anti-theft Solar Solutions in Africa

A Rise in the Use of Solar It is no doubt that solar power is the cheapest energy generating technology. It is currently available on the market for 60 countries across the world. In most of these countries, an investment in a solar installation would generate a 20% return. We are therefore starting to see … Read more

Are you ready for the Green Economy?

Everywhere you look there is change, in sub-Saharan Africa, this change is taking place in the energy sector like almost no other. For those who are not paying attention, you may miss out. Last month the government committed $1bn to the Clean Energy Innovation Fund. The fund will have “the primary purpose of earning income … Read more

5 Myths on renewable energy

Renewable energy is made up of, wind energy, solar energy, and hydroelectric energy. Myths about these sources of energy influence our understanding and perceptions around how well they actually work. Five popular myths around these energy sources are constantly arising. 1. Renewable Energy is heavy in your pocket. When it comes to paying for renewable … Read more

The Benefits of Wind and Solar Panel Installation in Your Company

It is no secret that the installation of solar panels and wind energy solutions can have profound positive effects. It is also no secret that the future of energy is going to be on renewable energy sources, across the nation. There are many benefits that are provided by the installation of solar panels, including the … Read more

Why Go Solar- Top 9 Reasons

Never before have so many benefits been associated to ‘Going Solar’ Here are the New Southern Energy top picks for you to consider. #1  Completely eliminate or drastically reduce your electric bills Electricity costs can make up a large portion of the overall budget for your home, business or non-profit. With a solar panel system, … Read more

Renewables worldwide and your business

The current state of affairs: Renewables worldwide and your business More money was spent on renewables in 2015 than any year before; the technology is being enhanced, cost of production coming down and public awareness of the value increasing. That said there are still many challenges, possibly the one that tops the list is storage. … Read more