The Unique Value of Solar PVT

Largest Solar PVT Project in Cape Town As of 1 October we began the installation of our most recent Photovoltaic and Thermal (PVT) project in Cape Town. The project is a large rooftop solar plant on the African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town. This hotel is one of many luxury hotels in Marriott … Read more

Solar Plants

Solar Plants & Monitoring – Why?

Real-time monitoring of Solar Plants Solar plants benefit their owners by producing power in line with expectations for the duration of the plant’s life. Typically, a plant’s life lasts about 25 years. If a solar plant is not monitored in real-time, it will be virtually impossible to know when it is not producing what it … Read more

Solar Africa

Anti-theft Solar Solutions in Africa

A Rise in the Use of Solar It is no doubt that solar power is the cheapest energy generating technology. It is currently available on the market for 60 countries across the world. In most of these countries, an investment in a solar installation would generate a 20% return. We are therefore starting to see … Read more

Green Design

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency in Building

Energy conservation by way of energy efficiency in the building industry has become a top focus for business owners & investors all over the world. Strategic investments of renewable energy solutions ensure businesses will reduce not only their environmental footprint, but also their overall OPEX. Cheaper energy production solutions coupled with energy efficient consumption methodologies … Read more

NSE helping Botswana to increase ecofriendly ecotourism

Perhaps a buzz word a few years ago, it is now commonplace and is often the deal breaker for many modern travellers:  “Eco-friendly”. When travelling to Botswana, a country known for some of the best wilderness and wildlife on the continent, many international and local travellers appreciate the opportunity to get away from city living. … Read more