A Comprehensive Guide to Solar Panels

Effects of Shading and Considerations before Installing Them A number of the people have the misconception that solar panels don’t work properly unless they’re under direct sunshine. They assume that they don’t work at all under shade. The fact is that it is not completely true. Modern solar panels can efficiently work well in poor … Read more

Benefits of a solar PV with a battery pack

  There are several factors involved when a PV system comes with an additional battery pack. Firstly, the batteries are an additional component to the solar power system. This means there will be extra cost and complexity for installing it. The increase in costs arise from the purchase of the battery pack, special battery-inverters, installing … Read more

Important Considerations when installing a solar system

http://ppswest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Solar-Power-April-11-Blog-Image-21.jpg Progressive power solutions. In recent times, the use of solar panels has been on a high. The popularity is because of the advantages that come with solar energy harnessing and the ease of installation of the solar panels. In many parts of the world, you can hardly drive past any two homes without seeing … Read more

Shaping South Africa’s energy future

Shaping South Africa’s energy future The South African energy sector has been, and continues to be, at the centre of the country’s development. Today, with the present government’s focus on widening household access to electricity, making modern energy services more equitable and also affordable for the poor, increasing empowerment of the dis-advantaged in the energy … Read more